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Shinkansen and limited express train ticket of JR Higashi Nihon: discount up to 50%

JR East announced to offer a deep cut off in price of Shinkansen and limited express trains tickets for online purchase only From August 20 this year until 2021, March 31 it will be 50 PERCENT CHEAPER to travel from Tokyo to the the Tohoku, Hokkaido, Hokuriku, Jouetsu regions and Ko-Shin-Etsu region such as Nagano, Tochigi, Niigata and more!  🏔🏕 The Limited express Azusa (Tokyo-Matsumoto) is included too!🏔🏕 🏨

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🧮🗓Do note that this half price deal only applies to tickets purchased through the official JR East website between 20 days and one month prior to your departure date.

In this program, JR Higashi Nihon offers the discount on most of Shinkansens (bullet trains) and Limited express trains (tokyu trains only stop at major stations).

+ Type 『ト ク だ 値』: Usually discount from 5-15%, depending on the sector and time.

+ Type 『お 先 に ト ク だ 値』: Discount from 25% to 35% for tickets booked and paid from 1 month to 13 days before the departure date.

+ Type 『お 先 に ト ク だ 値 ス ペ シ ャ ル』: Up to 50% discount on tickets booked and paid from 1 month to 20 days before the departure date

 📒📆Firstly, you need to have an account on to proceed the reservation. After making the reservation you will get a reservation code. The tickets can be paid via credit card or debit card only. For the limited express train ticket, you need to make the payment via the registered credit card at the designated madoguchi counters or JR ticket vending machines to get the paper-ticket. The shinkansen paper-ticket will not be issued. The IC card is used instead. So, if you would like to book shinkansen ticket, the IC card is required because it will be used to go through the control gate (ticketless service).

Only one way ticket can be purchased when making registration of the discount tickets. Any changes or cancellation of the reservated tickets before departure date can only be done on through your account with a certain fee. You can also cancel the received tickets of the Tokyu train before the departure day, but you need proceed the procedure at the place where you made the payment and received the ticket before.

Below is a list of all Shinkansen and Limited express (Tokyu) trains that offer the 50% discount on the type 『お 先 に ト ク だ 値 ス ペ シ ャ ル』:

Limited express train (Tokyu):

・ Joban Line: Hitachi

・ CHUO Line: AZUSA☀️💐🍁 (Tokyo – Matsumoto) and Kaiji

・ Sotobo Line: Wakashio / Shinjuku Wakashio

・ Uchibo Line: Sazanami / Shinjuku Sazanami

・ Sobu Line: Shiosai

・ Agatsuma Line: Kusatsu

・ Uetsu Line: Inaho

・ Ouhonsen Line: Tsugaru

・ JR ・ Tobu direct Express: Nikko ・ Kinugawa ・ SPACIA Kinugawa.🍁🍂🍁

🚄🚅🚝Shinkanshen: ・ Tohoku-Hokkaido Shinkansen: Hayabusa (Tokyo – Shin Hakodate Hokuto (Hokkaido))❄️⛄️

・ Tohoku-Hokkaido Shinkansen: Hayate (Morioka (Iwate) – Shin Hakodate Hokuto (Hokkaido))

・ Tohoku-Hokkaido Shinkansen: Yamabiko (Tokyo – Fukushima)

・ Tohoku-Hokkaido Shinkansen: Nasuno (Tokyo – Nasushiobara (Tochigi))

・ Yamagata Shinkansen: Tsubasa (Tokyo – Shinjo (Yamagata))

・ Akita Shinkansen: Komachi (Tokyo – Akita)

・ Joetsu Shinkansen: Toki and Tanigawa (Tokyo – Niigata)

・ Hokuriku Shinkansen: ASAMA (Tokyo – Nagano)🌲🎋

・ Hokuriku Shinkansen: Kagayaki (Tokyo – Kanazawa)

・ Hokuriku Shinkansen: Hakutaka (Tokyo – Itoigawa (Niigata))

🔭📒Update list of train lines and time to apply the discount click here

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