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Go To Travel Coupon at our Hotel IIDAYA (35% off from the usual rate)

Go to travel campaign is the campaign that the government aims to subsidize eligible domestic travel costs through discounts and coupons (35% discount for accommodation cost from 2020 July 22nd to 2021 January 31st).

Go to travel campaign does not apply to foreigner tourists. However, foreign nationals who are residing legally in Japan for the mid-term to long-term can use the Go to Travel coupon. From October 1st, the citizens of Tokyo are eligible to get this Go To Travel coupon. If you meet the requirements and would like to stay at our hotel Iidaya during the period from 2020 Sep 1st  to 2021 January 31st, you can register the coupon after making reservation at our website. (Please note that the coupon need to be issued after making reservation).

We are going to confirm the address of guests when you check-in. Please kindly present the residence card or the driving license card.

How to register the Go to travel coupon at our hotel Iidaya?

CONTACT US : with the following information. We are going to proceed the reservation and to issue the coupon.

Reservation and Go to travel coupon registration

  • The number of guests:
  • The name of guests:
  • City of residence in Japan:
  • Check-in date:
  • Check-out date:
  • The number or rooms:
  • Type of rooms: Single/Semi-double/Twin/Double/Triple room
    Non-smoking/smoking room
  • Plan type: No breakfast/breakfast included (600 JPY/meal/person)
  • Car parking: Yes/No

※Parking for normal car: 1000 JPY/1 night (from 15:00 of the check-in day to 11:00 of the following day).

Please visit our website for the detail of the car park location. In case that you use the car park in front of the hotel, please understand that your car may be moved to other parking areas due to space limit.

OR Making reservation at our website  and registering the coupon by your self (Japanese language only):

1. Making the reservation at our website: Please choose the Go to travel coupon plan 【GoToトラベルキャンペーン割引対象】. After you finished the reservation, please take note the reservation number, since you need it to register the coupon later;

2. Registering the coupon via STAYNAVI (Japanese language only, member registration required);

3. Save the issued coupon (Print or screen capture) => We are going to confirm the coupon and your residence address when you check-in. Please note that we can not give you the discount if the coupon is unclear.

We hope that all the guests staying at our hotel to join hand in preventing the spread of Corona viruses:

・Alcohol-based hand sanitizing

・Wearing mask

・Temperature checking

For further information please contact us by email or visit our website.


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